Off the wall?

Neh. 6:3 (KJV)
And I sent messengers unto them, saying, I am doing a great work, so that I cannot come down: why should the work cease, whilst I leave it, and come down to you?
When God gives you a mandate, you have to be diligent with it, hold it in your teeth like a pit bull, others may not understand. You may seem to overreact or to be too radical. i know at times I have overreacted and I thank God He and others forgive, and the Lord balances me out.
I still would rather be accused of being over-zealous, than underwhelmed in the protection of His presence and peace in my life. The Lord saved me and became my friend when no one else cared. I will never forget what He did for me. I m working on projects that I know will save lives, and like Nehemiah, I will not leave the building of this wall ( Kingdom) for even the nicest of reasons; All my resources and time are invested in this Kingdom.
 I am no where near perfect; yet I work for the perfect One; So I know the final product will be awesome, and in a nutshell; That end result is you. If you have put your trust in the Savior Jesus Christ, He will finish what He started in you, and I plead with you as times progress; Let Him do His work: I am but one of many working on this wall, we have building materials in our hands, but also swords if we need them, because not everyone wants to see this wall ( Kingdom) built. There are many enemies to the building of it, and some we carry in our own pockets; laziness; carelessness; drunkenness etc.. These produce nothing but waste in our lives, and weight us down so that we can’t/don’t work effectively.
There is a righteous anger; and I must first judge myself and say enough in waiting and being quiet; and we must Judge ourselves in the Church also before we can see clearly to help those who will become part of us.This is a noble and glorious Kingdom we are receiving and it worth our full cooperation; heart, mind and soul.
And this Kingdom begins with the least of these, when our hearts are broken before the King, he reminds us of our sick neighbor, or the mom who needs clothes for her kids to go back to school, with His eyes we see beyond self and begin filling in the gaps of the wall. Love never fails; I’m starting with me. God Bless: Dan
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