Grace and Mercy-are good friends to have!

Grace is mentioned 277 times in the Bible and in essence; is an exclusive gift of God. And in that sense we love to talk about it and rightly so.

Mercy however is mentioned 467 times in the Bible and although it originated from God, it an an attribute shared by both God and Man. You might say it’s a precursor to grace.

God often blessed many in the Bible who were merciful to others. Mercy produces more mercy ( mostly) It’s not discussed as much, as it’s largely our part of the program; yet we need to keep a close eye on how we share or don’t share this provision.

Matthew 5:7 Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.

I can’t give anyone grace; only God . But I can have a heart full of mercy, I can let things go, I can release a debt owed to me ,and am often/almost always expected to by my King, If I don’t there are consequences for me hardening my heart and holding someone hostage.

So Grace is great, even amazing as it’s offered with no price on my part except to receive it and say- Thank you very much! Lord God for giving to me that which I could never earn, not even in a million years, ( Jesus paid it all)

Since I now have that Grace, let me show mercy to others, that they may see beyond this earthly man, to the awesome graceful God that is the very life within all who have  and will open the door to Him.


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